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B1380 Uni-Bridge Chain Tightener with Helper Bar

B1380 Uni-Bridge Chain Tightener with Helper Bar

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Ideal for Frame Racks & Unibody Clamps
Fast-Simple...Compact...20,000 lb. Load Strength
The Unibridge chain tightener is ideal for use in the Auto Body and Frame Industry. It provides positive anchoring, removing chain slack with minute adjustment and exact control. This tool can be used in place of reverse pull ram, come-a-long, chain binder as well as an additional multi-pulling tool on Unibody structures and full chassis vehicles. Use as a pulling tool for squaring windshield openings, joining body sections, pulling damaged sections, anchor vehicle to frame racks and anchor portable floor type racks to floor.
The Unibridge chain tightener along with the Helper Bar (hooks over the grooved wheel for leverage) can pull over 8,500 lbs. of load tension with a maximum load strength of 20,000 lbs. It will not unload by itself and can be padlocked to prevent theft or tempering.
The Unibridge chain tightner is applicable to any industry where chains are used and must be tightened with a device providing positive security. Some other industry applications include: over-the-road trucking, air cargo, overseas shipping, construction and farming industries.
Specifications:    Closed length 14"     Extended length 19 1/2"
The "Unibridge" chain tightener is certified to be in compliance with U.S. Federal, California & Canadian regulations for load binders by the maker mfg. co., inc.  

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